ST Type Metalic Jari Thread

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    Product Discription

    Our firm is occupied with offering an extensive variety of Metallic Jari Threads which is accessible in different sizes and alluring energetic hues. We offer customization office keeping in mind the end goal to address different issues and requests of the respectable clients. Also, our experts make utilization of cutting edge strategies that permit them to have an enduring sparkle.


    • Basic colours: Silver and Gold.
    • Available colors on request: Brown, Blue, Green, Pink, Purple, Red, Black etc.
    • Special colors on request: Rainbow/pearl, Multi-color,Fluorescent,Transparent,Mat color etc.
    • Available thickness: 12Mic.


    • This is widely used in pre-dyed textiles weaving, embroidery, velvet, laces, ribbons, accessories,industrial subsidiary materials, interior decoration, kitchen scrubber etc.


    Technical Properties:

                                TEST                             TEST CONDITIONS    RESULT
    Laundry 40°C, 20 min., Household laundry     ✔
    Chemical                                   Cleaning
    • 25°C, 30min., Perchlorethylene       
    • 25°C, 30min., Tetracholoroethylene 
    • 25°C, 30min., Petroleum Benzine             
    Dry Heating 175°C, 60 sec.                                             ✔
    Ironing 135°C, 15sec.                                               ✔
    Hot Water 80°C, 30min.                                                 ✔
    • 100°C, 30min., for silver.                          
    • 70°C, 40min., for gold&all Colours          
    Souring for Wool Monogen 5gr/liter, 60°C, 30min.     ✔
    Over dyeing Wool, nylon & acetate                                   Acetic Acid 0.5gr/liter, 80°C,30min.     ✔
    Sourcing for nylon, polyester, rayon, acetate & cotton Soap 0.5gr/liter, Soda Ash 0.5gr/liter,80°C,30min.     ✖
    • Sodium hydrosulfite 2gr/liter, 80°C, 60min.
    • Soda Ash 0.5gr/liter, 80°C, 60min.
    • Ph9 30% Hydrogen Peroxide 40gr/liter, 70°C, 60min.
    • Ph9 10% Sodium Hydrochlorite 40gr/liter, 70°C, 60min.
    • Ph9 Sodium Carbonate 95°C, 60min.
    • Mongen 5gr/liter, oxalic Acid 10gr/liter Acetic Acid 10gr/liter, 45°C, 20min.
    Caustic Soda 28Be 21°C, 60sec.     ✖