MX Type Jari Thread

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Product Discription

We are pioneer in manufacturer and exporter of MX Type jari. We are offering a wide range of products that are widely used in textile garment. These products are offered at a competitive price. Our MX jari are used in various color. We offer all types of jari used in embroidery work. Schiffli embroidery MX type Jari, M type Jari, Clear Jari, and Kasab Jari. We also deal in threads for embroidery machines.

We have gained specialization in providing our clients an exclusive range of Mx Type Zari . These zari & glitter products are processed under the supervision of our experienced professionals using the finest grade fibers as per the international quality standards. Owing to their features like colorfastness, high strength, a long lasting shine, attractive appearance and a fine finish, these products are widely used in the textile industry. Clients can avail this Mx Type Zari from us at affordable rates.


  • Easy to maintain
  • Light in weight
  • Smooth & perfect finish

Echnical Properties:

  • Ironing temp (Max.): 135oC,15sec.
  • Dry heat: No change 180oC,60sec.
  • Steaming: No change 30 min.
  • Boiling Water: No change 100oC,1hr.
  • Ethanol : No change 25oC,30 min.
  • Trichloroethylene: No change 25oC,30m.
  • Benzene : No change 25oC,30 min.
  • Acetic acid (5%): No change 25oC,30m.


Technical Properties:

                            TEST                             TEST CONDITIONS    RESULT
Laundry 40°C, 20 min., Household laundry     ✔
Chemical                                   Cleaning
  • 25°C, 30min., Perchlorethylene       
  • 25°C, 30min., Tetracholoroethylene 
  • 25°C, 30min., Petroleum Benzine             
Dry Heating 175°C, 60 sec.                                             ✔
Ironing 135°C, 15sec.                                               ✔
Hot Water 80°C, 30min.                                                 ✔
  • 100°C, 30min., for silver.                          
  • 70°C, 40min., for gold&all Colours          
Souring for Wool Monogen 5gr/liter, 60°C, 30min.     ✔
Over dyeing Wool, nylon & acetate                                   Acetic Acid 0.5gr/liter, 80°C,30min.     ✔
Sourcing for nylon, polyester, rayon, acetate & cotton Soap 0.5gr/liter, Soda Ash 0.5gr/liter,80°C,30min.     ✖
  • Sodium hydrosulfite 2gr/liter, 80°C, 60min.
  • Soda Ash 0.5gr/liter, 80°C, 60min.
  • Ph9 30% Hydrogen Peroxide 40gr/liter, 70°C, 60min.
  • Ph9 10% Sodium Hydrochlorite 40gr/liter, 70°C, 60min.
  • Ph9 Sodium Carbonate 95°C, 60min.
  • Mongen 5gr/liter, oxalic Acid 10gr/liter Acetic Acid 10gr/liter, 45°C, 20min.
Caustic Soda 28Be 21°C, 60sec.     ✖